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In a TETFUND-funded research conducted by Oyedemi (2015): “School administrators are faced with the challenge of managing schools in a meaningful and productive way...and sometimes effective planning because most of the processes are still carried out manually.” Oyedemi A.O, 2015 - ICT and Effective School Management: Administrators’ Perspective

Smartphone and computer cost is crashing. Data cost is becoming cheaper by the second. Internet usage is becoming as common as water and computer literacy level is sky-rocketing. A time is coming when a school without quality IT structure would not even be reckoned with. It is a question of HOW SOON rather than IF. Why not read the trend and key into it today!


Tame the beast!

Stressful for teachers; cloudy for parents & students

Stop throwing lame figures around.

With the monumental distractions around the youths today, parents & teacher need IT to zoom deep into students' performance, identify strong and weak points easily and map ways to improve.

Do you track performance quantitatively, bird's eye view and DNA view?
Why not dig even deeper and uncover more critical insights?


Here comes the huge hidden benefit

Why not join the leading 1% and leave the lagging 99%?

Of all the schools in Nigeria, less than 7% have one form of IT structure or the other.

Less than 1% have proper IT solution that interfaces with and gives on-the-ground benefits to the entities of the value square


We hereby introduce you to Acada3600...greater insights, greater value

A revolutionary solution backed by a mission to take pain away from managing your school (Nursery, Primary & Secondary).

We are not out to sell you a product. We are demonstrating this commitment by making the solution OPEN SOURCE. You can download the source codes and use without ever paying us a kobo, with absolutely NO strings attached.

We are out to make you take better strategic decisions backed by qualitative information. We want you to feel our passion of pushing to your fingertips quality information with far greater insights and value.

Features Highlight

“Super-Smart” Grades Reporting

No lame numbers. You get figures together with the context & intelligence around the figures to understand not just numbers but their significance

“Bigger Picture” Performance Analysis

Get myriads of rich info-graphic reports giving all users tailored “over-the-top” and “into-the-veins” reports.

“Easy-as-A-B-C” Grades Management

Interactive Broadsheets, importing & exporting of content in various format etc have been made as easy as drinking pap!.

2-WAY "Stay-In-Touch" System

Get feedback from any page. Bulk SMS & Email with drill-down recipient listing...With these, nobody is far away!

Payment & Invoice Tracker

Who has paid, who owes? Drill further down. Track invoices & fee payment to the minutest level.

Admission & Record Management

Easily collect and manage admission data. Administer records with extensive reports

Services We Offer

You are beginning to feel suspicious. What is in it for us?

We are giving you all of the code that took our team of expert developers, business analysts, educational consultants, project manager and other massive resources to build FOR FREE.

Yes Acada3600 Core is FREE to download, but we have other totally optional but groundbreaking services to offer you.

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