Acada3600 Professional Services

Yes Acada3600 Core is FREE to download, but we have other totally optional but groundbreaking services to offer you.

  1. Hosting, Support & Maintenance
  2. Training (Online & On-site)
  3. Customization
  4. Digitization & Importation of Past Results/Records
  5. Virtual Webmaster – We Take It COMPLETELY Off You
  6. Addons – Acada3600 Marketplace

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

For all entities in the value square to reap the huge benefits of using the application, they have to interact with it. This means that the application has to be online. If you decide to manage it on your own and self-host online, this has some form of cost & risk factor to it.

  • First of all, you need to pay for domain name registration and hosting. At a time like this of high naira to dollar conversion, it might cost you a lot in naira to pay for the quality hosting that would enable you run this heavy application with all its extensive reports. Even if you currently have a hosting package, how sure are you that it can support the application?
  • You would then seek the services of a web developer to help you configure and set it up. We have made the process very easy, yet it could be slippery for someone who is not well grounded.
  • You could miss out on some periodic but critical enhancements.
  • Depending on the expertise of your developer, you could be exposed to great security risk and data loss if necessary procedures are not put in place.

If you decide to host it with us, among other benefits:

  • The very team that built the application would manage it for you. Trust us, we know it better.
  • We would render support to you, ensuring you get value 24/7
  • It cost us a lot to put in place a highly fortified server infrastructure to guard against security breaches and data loss. Why lose out of the huge benefit and re-incur these enormous cost
  • On top of the manual & video tutorials, you get free online training for up to 3 hours at any chosen day.
  • Access to our periodic webinars & online trainings on various areas of educational delivery
  • You have access to the free & paid modules in Acada Marketplace


While some providers charge at high as N500, 000 as setup fees and N50, 000 monthly as subscription charges, we promise to be affordable.
We charge ZERO NAIRA as setup fees and would charge a flat rate of:
Plan Description Price
Water Monthly subscription for schools with less than 50 students N7,499
Sugar Monthly subscription for schools with less than 100 students N9,999
Milk Monthly subscription for schools with between 100 and 500 students N14,999
Honey Monthly subscription for schools with above 500 students* N19,999
Payment can be made monthly or in bulk i.e. termly, bi-annually etc.
* - subject to fair use policy.

Whats More?

  1. You get one month free when you pay for 3 months at once!
  2. You get one month free when you refer another school!
  3. LIMITED PROMO: Free digitization & importation of report scores for ALL students for 1 term!
  4. On top of all these, you have a 3-month warranty period

If you are not thrilled by our solution or service within the first 3 months, you can cancel your subscription and get a 100% refund of every subscription fee you have paid. You also get all your data exported in a highly structured format and get to keep the 1-term free digitized reports. This is how absolutely certain we are that you will find tremendous value in our solution.

Training (Online & On-site)

Extensive effort has been put into writing detailed documentation for the application. You can download a detailed manual and watch videos online to get a full understanding of how configure and manage the application.

Should you want more training on how to use the application for greater value delivery, please contact us to book an online or on-site training session. For this, please submit an order request on the Acada3600 Marketplace.


Sure, there could be instances of specific requirements important to you but not implemented in the application.
This could be in the display of the report cards, customization of existing reports, generation of new reports or could even be totally new functionality.
For this, please submit an order request on the Acada3600 Marketplace

Digitization & Importation of Past Results/Records

Except you are a new school, it might not be good idea to start from ZERO data. It could be intimidating to see lots of blank reports and empty report cards. Earn the extra prestige of well-structured records & providing backlog value to your parents!

We have an experienced digitization team who can help you digitize your past scores and student records.
For this, please submit an order request on the Acada3600 Marketplace

Virtual Webmaster – We Take It COMPLETELY Off You

Yes, it happens. You want the immense value but don’t want any form of extra work. You don’t have any one in-house to coordinate. We can come in. We would literarily hold your hands and lift the spoon for you!
For this, please submit an order request on the Acada3600 Marketplace

Addons – Acada3600 Marketplace

The solution is excellent, now lets make it superb!

After putting the most generic features in the free Acada core, we are building a marketplace to showcase upgrades and our other services.
Our slogan is “…greater insights, greater value”.

To achieve this, we have to keep on with research and development. Our mission of providing 3600 benefits to all entities of the value square means we have to constantly be on our feet looking for the next best way to go deeper and uncover value.
To fund our intensive research and make the initiative viable, upgrades would come in the form of paid modules adding as little as N500 to your monthly subscription cost in some cases.

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